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Arizona Wineries Fear Decline In Grapes After Cold Snap | Albuquerque Journal News

Any lost shoot represents a loss in the amount of fruit a vine can bear. The fallout will not be known for months, when its time to harvest the grapes. Another factor that could be negatively affected is the price of wine. Winery owners may have to purchase grapes from other vineyards to stay on target with production.
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Ring-tailed lemur visits WISH-TV set | WISH-TV

The going wasn't easy at first, with daily participation in the school lunch program declining. Matuszyk went into the classrooms and "pitched the program" to students. With the launching last spring of the salad bars brimming with freshly cut celery sticks, juicy grape tomatoes, orange wedges and other fruits and vegetables, accompanied by a quirky, student-produced Powerpoint presentation on salad bar etiquette, kids have been coming back to the cafeteria with district average daily participation at 54 percent, according to the online article. Page 2 of 2 - Miller also asked for a copy of the salad bar etiquette Powerpoint to share on their sites. In her blog, Miller wrote, "A key component of the success of the Wethersfield salad bars was thoughtful preparation before the equipment arrived." Matuszyk is quoted saying, "You don't have to be a large district with a large staff to make this a how to grow grapes in florida success. Stage, plan, preview, have plenty of help and support that first day, and start simple," she said. In the article, Matuszyk offered her own cafeteria as a place where other small districts could come and learn. "It's a huge change, but the students love the salad bars." The story and photos are now posted on the Lunch Line blog of Chef Ann's website at: www.chefannfoundation.org/news-media/the-lunch-line-blog/small-districts-can-find-big-success-with-salad-bars/.
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Fresh wines under $15 - 6 suggestions for spring sipping - Yahoo

Underwood Cellars - Pinot Noir Barras fed Betty grapes while she visited with Larry the Animal Guy. Larry Battson said Betty, and other ring-tailed lemurs, use their long tails for balance. They live in Madagascar. Their population has decreased in the wild. Betty visits schools and has appeared on national television. Press play in the video player to watch Bettys visit.
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Wethersfield's salad bars featured in national blog - News - Star Courier - Kewanee, IL - Kewanee, IL

New Mexico ranks first in the nation for childhood hunger, according to the Map the Meal Gap study by Feeding America, with a child hunger rate of 29 percent, well above the national average of 18 percent. Mitchel says, "In the garden program the kids learn about nutrition and healthy eating. We had lots of veggies and even some grains in the garden, but we we're in need of fruit to provide the garden with examples of this important element of healthy nutrition." Town of Silver City Office of Sustainability's Denise Smith provided education about trees and pruning for the volunteers through a grant from the New Mexico Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department. "Trees not only absorb carbon dioxide, but produce oxygen," he said. "They provide habitat for birds, offer much-needed shade, and act as windbreaks and noise barriers.
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Restaurant review: Tampa's Blind Goat a hip sip spot for the in-the-know | Things to do in Tampa Bay | Tampa Bay Times

The focus at the Blind Goat thus far is more liquid than solid. With happy hour specials every day ($4 goblets of local beer, $3 premium well drinks, $15 all-you-can-drink wine, etc.), this is a boon to South Tampa’s very thirsty. I see this quite frequently, and with new technology like combination ovens a restaurant can get along just fine. But it's a work-around. Thus, at the Blind Goat, the menu is divided into several categories: sandwiches, pizza, salads and dips, all noshables suitable for an evening of sipping with friends.
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Shauna Rosenblum puts fun into wine at Rock Wall | Berkeleyside

While traveling to transition the 400,000 case Rosenblum Cellars to Diageo, Kent sent Rosenblum to the vineyards to choose pick dates. Kent how to grow grapes in michigan then tasked her to finalize the blend on the first Zinfandel. Rosenblum left her selection in Kents mail slot. He tried his own hand at blendingand without seeing her noteschose the same blend.
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Sixth Street Elementary Neighborhood Orchard planted - Silver City Sun-News

Student and volunteer, Abcde Zavala, 7, sprinkles bone meal onto the roots of an apricot tree as arborist, Cheyenne Thomas holds the trunk steady during There's something about sunshine that makes me crave flavors I associate with the word refreshing. I'm going to focus on that very broad category of wines here, and I hope to offer something within it to suit everyone's taste. My goal is twofold: to remind you of old favorites, and to suggest new avenues for exploration.
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