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Narsai David: Mcfadden Farm Wines Use Organic Grapes In Some Low-cost Bottles « Cbs San Francisco

It has a fine balance on the balance with a crisp acidity. This is a classic chardonnay to serve with dinner. You could serve it with roast chicken or sauteed fish. For $16 a bottle its quite a deal considering the organic grapes.
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Corks & Forks: New Grapes how grow grapes 'n Growlers uncorks keg wine | The Columbian

As a CEO,you cant be everywhere at once, Dorf says. And if it wasnt for a bunch of our managers, theres no way we could have gotten to where we are today. These events give us time to really think through what we do, how we do it and how we can improve, as well how do i grow grapes as focusing on our best practices in terms of our styles of management and how to create some scale but not get too McDonalds about what were doing. 2.Help your managers think like owners. This is one of the biggest challenges for businesses, and a week away can help managers think like owners, to feel like every bottle of wine, every customer is really important. 3.Focus on specificgoals. During our first Base Camp, we distilledour mission statement and talked about office politics.At the top of a hill, I had hidden a whiteboard and some flash cards to get the conversation going. 4.Look at the business through a new lens.
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Customer Insults, Nicknames from Comcast, Car Dealerships, Casinos, Restaurants

Chimpanzee on a telephone Even as you essentially pay the bills for these operations, you might be thought of as little more than Muppets In 2012, the very public resignation of Greg Smith from Goldman Sachs revealed that the firms executives sometimes referred to clients as muppets. Apparently, in the U.K. the slang term is applied to someone who is ignorant or clueless and easily manipulated. In certain circles, an investor might also be dubbed an ostrich, pig, or sheep depending on if he, respectively, buries his head in the sand no matter whats happening in the market, is grow grapes overly greedy, or has no strategy and does whatever someone else tells him. Bunnies, Grapes, Squirrels Behind the scene at car dealerships, customers who are bad negotiators and easy for salespeople to push around and talk into deals are sometimes known as bunnies or grapes, presumably because theyre just waiting to be pounced on or squeezed, respectively. A squirrel, on the other hand, is a hated species of customer who hops from salesperson to salesperson with no sense of loyalty or thought to who should get the commission. Dogs, Fish, Bait, Whales These are all terms used in the world of gambling and casinos, and they generally refer to players who are losing or are likely to lose to the house, but also to the shark sitting across the table.
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How This Entrepreneur Reworked His Business Idea in the Face of Financial Armageddon - Yahoo Finance

Benmosche took a stand against what he saw as unfair vilification by politicians of the vast majority of AIG employees who he said had nothing to do with the company's problems. He hosted dozens of "town halls" at AIG locations in the U.S. and elsewhere that served as pep rallies for demoralized staffers. He spoke off the cuff and fielded extensive questions. He cracked jokes and used profanity. In those early days, he publicly criticized politicians, threatened to quit over government pay constraints and spoke bluntly about what he thought were missteps by the government in seeking to move too fast to sell assets to repay the aid. He feared fire-sale prices for crown jewels in the then-sluggish economy.
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AIG Former CEO Robert Benmosche Dies - NASDAQ.com

With 51 taps, Grapes 'n Growlers will also be dedicating 34 to craft beers and they don't have to go far to fill those up. The group is concentrating on local brewers that fans won't find in grocery stores from the exploding selection in Vancouver, Eastern Washington, Portland, Bend, Ore., and up into Bellingham. They'll pull a few tasty choices from California and are even following some promising brews in Idaho. Rotating and educating are priorities at Grapes 'n Growlers. Once a keg is blown, it'll be backed up with a whole new selection and changes can be followed on social media. With the help of DigitalPour software (created by a Portland-based company), folks will see the alcohol by volume, where the brewery/winery is located, beverage style, price of a growler, the approximate contents of a keg, what's being put on next and upcoming events. This information is also prominently displayed on four high-definition screens above the tap wall. The rest of the taps are ear-marked for a variety of ciders, a root beer, mead or cold-brewed coffee and kombucha (a fermented tea loaded with vitamin B).
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.columbian.com/news/2015/feb/27/new-grapes-n-growlers-uncorks-keg-wine/

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